Cobalt Color Meaning Infographic

A darker take on standard blue, cobalt is a rich color that oozes with individuality. First introduced in the paint and jewelry industries, cobalt immediately took the public by storm. Though people were already familiar with blue, this unique spin on a beloved hue reinvented the color wheel. Since its inception in the 18th century, cobalt has won many fans.

One With the Arts

Cobalt appreciates and respects creative pursuits. If you work in the arts or have a keen eye for design, you and cobalt are likely to get along. Cobalt understands the passion and patience that goes into creating pieces of art, which is why it admires creative minds. If you’re looking for inspiration, cobalt will provide you with deserved encouragement.

Not a Big Talker

Cobalt shies away from the spotlight. In fact, this hue prefers to handle life solo. It’s incredibly reserved and has a hard time opening up in front of others. This makes cobalt somewhat insecure, but it’s made peace with its introverted personality. In some cases, cobalt’s shyness can come across as disrespectful. It merely has a difficult time expressing its emotions.

A Unique Thinker

According to cobalt, traditional schools of thought lack depth. It’s for this reason why this hue thinks outside of the box. Cobalt makes connections that the ordinary mind is unable to. From reading between the lines to seeing new perspectives, cobalt is applauded for its brilliance. When seeking guidance from cobalt, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by its many pearls of wisdom.

Enhances Intuition

Looking inward requires patience and self-awareness. Cobalt promotes both. With a little help from cobalt, you can unlock your sixth sense. If your gut instinct is reliable, it bodes well for sound decision-making. With that said, everyone can benefit from some time with cobalt. After all, intuition heightens understanding.

Sharpens Focus

If you’re easily distracted, surround yourself with cobalt. This hue is focused and doesn’t entertain mindless interruptions. By staying concentrated, cobalt remains productive. In the presence of cobalt, you’ll find that determination and motivation work in tandem. As a result, success follows.

Marvelously Mysterious

With cobalt, there’s more than meets the eye. Since cobalt is private, it keeps a lot close to the vest. This can make it difficult for people to dissect cobalt’s personality. If you’re someone who regards introversion as an unhealthy coping mechanism, cobalt is bound to ruffle your feathers. There’s no telling why cobalt is so tight-lipped, but it doesn’t plan on changing its ways anytime soon.

Reduces Physical Energy

When cobalt is near, energy levels deplete. People have likened this sensation to that of a sedative. While this can prove calming, it can also be disruptive. If you have a lot on your to-do list, save cobalt for a rainy day. You’ll find it exponentially more challenging to get your duties done if you interact with cobalt before the day begins.

Fosters Spiritual Enlightenment

If spiritual growth is what you’re after, cobalt will facilitate your transformation. With its incredible wisdom and open-mindedness, cobalt effortlessly makes way for personal development. You’ll cultivate more awareness and inner peace when you turn to cobalt for spiritual healing. Best of all, cobalt doesn’t discriminate or offend. No matter the journey you choose to travel, cobalt promises to guide your path.


When stress rears its ugly head, cobalt remains unfazed. It’s not temperamental, and it doesn’t pay any mind to mayhem. Cobalt knows that worry breeds nothing more than negativity. As an attempt to lead a fulfilling life, this color eliminates doubt. If you could afford to live life in this manner, mirror cobalt’s approach.

Summary: Cobalt Color Meaning

A lovable color through and through, cobalt is an overall charming hue. From its artistic aptitude to its passionate essence, there’s something incredibly appealing about this deep shade. However, it can also leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Some of cobalt’s negative qualities are its unpredictability and nervous demeanor.