Maroon Color Meaning Infographic

Though the word maroon has been around since the 16th century, it officially became associated with the color in 1789. At one point, the term maroon was used to describe individuals who were unruly and wild. It also has French roots. French chestnuts boast a dark red color, which led many to associate the word with this group of deciduous trees and shrubs.

A Color of Intense Passion

Maroon doesn’t do anything halfheartedly. Instead, it leads with great enthusiasm and has a zest for life. This hue undoubtedly has pep in its step. At its core, maroon is an incredibly passionate color. It enjoys and appreciates the satisfaction that comes with having such an upbeat outlook on life.


Maroon seldom gives into self-doubt. It knows its worth. To some, this may come across as cocky. However, maroon doesn’t boast or gloat. This hue merely knows who it is, what it stands for, and how to achieve success. If you’re looking for some inspiration, allow maroon to pave the way.

Boosts Adrenaline

If your energy levels have depleted, reinvigorate yourself with maroon. As a strong and bold color, maroon effortlessly uplifts those that it encounters. Maroon has the unique ability to infuse life into us. While this is overall a favorable quality, it can increase blood pressure. If you’re in poor health, be mindful of how much time you’re spending around maroon.

Loving and Accepting

People tend to feel safe when in the presence of maroon. This gorgeous hue welcomes everyone and doesn’t entertain prejudices. According to maroon, everyone deserves compassion and care. If this is lacking in your life, find comfort in the color maroon. You’ll no doubt benefit from the warmth that this hue radiates.

A Festive Color

From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, maroon plays a prominent role in many beloved holidays. On Christmas, maroon may be used to represent the blood of Christ. As an inherently romantic color, it makes sense that maroon is linked to Valentine’s Day. Even Thanksgiving is affiliated with maroon. On this day of thanks, maroon enhances the autumnal essence that Thanksgiving is known for.


If you’re attempting to establish a professional look or feel, use the color maroon. As a rich hue, maroon is thought to be strong and capable. When used in homes, maroon adds an air of refinement to the environment. While many adults are fond of the color maroon, it doesn’t speak to children as much. With that said, it doesn’t hold wide-ranging appeal.

A Go-Getter

Wildly ambitious and unapologetically determined, maroon is both a dreamer and a doer. If it wants something, it goes after it. We can all take a page out of maroon’s book. Best of all, maroon understands that failure is a stepping stone to triumph. There’s not much that can bring maroon down, and it leaps at opportunities to take life by the horns.


Complementing many colors beautifully, maroon is the perfect addition to decorative settings. Whether you’re looking to tie a look together or give a pop of color, maroon is the ideal choice. With its undeniable beauty, maroon steals the show. What’s more, this shade never goes out of style. Maroon has proven itself to be a timeless wonder.


Both flirty and seductive, maroon is a sultry shade. This color can be used to promote intimacy and intensify love. If you want to be more desirable, wear maroon clothes. Some maroon lipstick would also do the trick. Given how lustful maroon is, it’s more popular among mature audiences.

Influences Moods

Stability and maroon aren’t all that familiar with one another. Moods, in particular, usually shift when maroon is near. The intensity that maroon is hallmarked for is responsible for this effect. If you’re prone to mood swings, keep maroon at arm’s length. Too much time with this color could precipitate an unfavorable outcome.

Summary: Maroon Color Meaning

Regarded as one of the more distinct colors, maroon boasts an incredibly strong personality. Gentle, ambitious, and inspiring are among its favorable traits, but maroon has flaws as well. Some of these include narcissistic, fickle, and flighty.