Mauve Color Meaning Infographic

A pale, bluish rendition of purple, mauve is a feminine shade that’s effortlessly delicate. Named after a perennial flower in France, mauve has foreign roots and has been heavily commercialized for centuries. From the fashion industry to the beauty realm, mauve is a hit among many. With its dynamic essence and rich substance, this stunning shade steals the show.

An Abstract Thinker

Though conventionalism has its place in the world, mauve believes that a little innovation goes a long way. In other words, mauve both entertains and appreciates new ideas. If you hold unusual beliefs or have a unique school of thought, mauve will always hear you out. This is especially encouraging to those who are often shunned or ostracized for the way they think.

Advocate of Self-Love

Mauve believes in the efficacy of self-care. With that said, this uplifting hue is always urging others to take care of themselves. If you struggle with this, mauve will help get you on track. According to mauve, society is cruel enough as it is. When others aren’t kind to us, at least we can be kind to ourselves. With guidance from mauve, you’ll discover the most beautiful and wonderful parts of who you are.

Highly Intuitive

Mauve suffers few illusions. It has a strong gut instinct that it invariably relies on. Mauve has developed a deep sixth sense, which bodes well for understanding and peace of mind. If you’re looking to get in touch with your second sight, ask mauve for assistance. This wonderfully inspiring hue pairs wisdom with nurture to set others up for success.

A Caring Color

Compassion is an endearing trait, and mauve undoubtedly embodies this. When you come to mauve with a problem, it promises not to judge or offend. Instead, it offers understanding and reassurance. Those who are sensitive find great comfort when surrounded by this color. If you aren’t in tune with your emotions, you may not understand why mauve is the way it is.


As quiet as it is reserved, mauve is an introverted color to its core. It’s for this reason why it’s such a great listener. Sociable people don’t often hit it off with mauve. It’s not that mauve doesn’t want to get to know you. Unfortunately, this private color prefers to keep to itself. If you interact with mauve and find the encounter to be underwhelming, give it some time.


Some people regard mauve as a neutral color, which explains its modesty. There’s nothing pretentious or off-putting about this hue. This attribute makes mauve all the more appealing. When in the presence of mauve, you’ll never hear it boast about its personal accomplishments. It doesn’t like being the center of attention and would rather focus on others instead.

Encourages Spiritual Thinking

Religion is fascinating and worth exploring. This is one notion that mauve wholeheartedly subscribes to. Mauve urges us to get in touch with our spiritual side. As a result, mauve believes that we’ll uncover the meaning of life. Best of all, mauve doesn’t think there’s one right answer. Everyone will reach different conclusions, and mauve maintains that there’s beauty in this diversity.


An air of childlike wonder surrounds mauve. This color has a way of remaining young and attractive. You might even say that mauve is timeless. Much like purple, mauve is spirited and lively. It possesses immense intrigue and captures audiences with ease. These influences can be likened to that of a child.

A Keen Motivator

If you have a goal, mauve will help you attain it. This supportive hue ensures that our dreams come to fruition. It enjoys watching others thrive. Whether you need a word of encouragement or some added inspiration, mauve will provide both. Receive a boost in your confidence when you make friends with mauve.

Summary: Mauve Color Meaning

An overall positive hue, mauve is friendly, kind, and generous with its words. It’s always upbeat and has respect for everyone around it. However, mauve can also be incredibly shy. This gives some the impression that mauve is aloof. In general, mauve is a courteous color that relishes alone time.