Color Quick Guide

Color symbolism chart infographic with 40 different color meanings

Color Symbolism List

Amber symbolism
Amber is the color of joy, security, energy, and positivity.

Beige symbolism
Beige is the color of simplicity, tranquility, modernism, and comfort.

Black symbolism
Black is the color of protection, power, elegance, and sophistication.

Blue symbolism
Blue is the color of security, trust, loyalty, and responsibility.

Bronze symbolism
Bronze is the color of strength, stability, loyalty, and support.

Brown symbolism
Brown is the color of reliability, stability, honesty, and comfort.

Burgundy symbolism
Burgundy is the color of power, intensity, individuality, and sophistication.

Burnt Sienna symbolism
Burnt Sienna is the color of passion, luxury, security, and excitement.

Champagne symbolism
Champagne is the color of love, class, modesty, and celebration.

Chartreuse symbolism
Chartreuse is the color of acceptance, distinction, cheerfulness, imagination.

Cobalt symbolism
Cobalt is the color of solitude, productivity, ingenuity, and enlightenment.

Cognac symbolism
Cognac is the color of prestige, affluence, subtlety, and competence.

Coral symbolism
Coral is the color of individuality, warmth, acceptance, and positivity.

Ebony symbolism
Ebony is the color of mystery, luxury, pessimism, and maturity.

Fuchsia symbolism
Fuchsia is the color of uniqueness, confidence, maturity, and certainty.

Gold symbolism
Gold is the color of prestige, success, wealth, and prosperity.

Gray symbolism
Gray is the color of compromise, neutrality, control, and practicality.

Green symbolism
Green is the color of harmony, safety, growth, and health.

Indigo symbolism
Indigo is the color of integrity, structure, intuition, and order.

Lavender symbolism
Lavender is the color of tranquility, springtime, religion, and femininity.

Lilac symbolism
Lilac is the color of compassion, kindness, helpfulness, and serenity.

Magenta symbolism
Magenta is the color of harmony, change, kindness, and character.

Maroon symbolism
Maroon is the color of ambition, acceptance, confidence, and sophistication.

Mauve symbolism
Mauve is the color of innovation, inspiration, care, and intuition.

Mustard symbolism
Mustard is the color of warmth, creativity, optimism, and diversity.

Orange symbolism
Orange is the color of emotion, youth, optimism, and enthusiasm.

Periwinkle symbolism
Periwinkle is the color of purity, love, friendship, and womanhood.

Pink symbolism
Pink is the color of compassion, love, femininity, and playfulness.

Purple symbolism
Purple is the color of spirituality, mystery, royalty, and imagination.

Red symbolism
Red is the color of action, strength, energy, and passion.

Royal Blue symbolism
Royal Blue is the color of royalty, dependability, tranquility, and empathy.

Salmon symbolism
Salmon is the color of expression, fellowship, compassion, and individuality.

Seafoam Green symbolism
Seafoam Green is the color of luck, nature, health, and revitalization.

Silver symbolism
Silver is the color of modernism, affluence, intuition, and illumination.

Taupe symbolism
Taupe is the color of contentment, modernism, neutrality, and relaxation.

Teal symbolism
Teal is the color of individuality, renewal, morality, and practicality.

Turquoise symbolism
Turquoise is the color of compassion, calmness, clarity, and communication.

Violet symbolism
Violet is the color of creativity, wisdom, sensitivity, and spirituality.

White symbolism
White is the color of cleanliness, purity, innocence, and perfection.

Yellow symbolism
Yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, positivity, and intellect.