Violet Color Meaning Infographic

Preferred for its uplifting, imaginative, and quirky qualities, violet is as multifaceted as colors come. Though many believe that violet and purple are the same, the former contains more blue undertones. With its sapphire elements, violet boasts a unique essence. However, it does stand for much of what purple does.

Encourages Spiritual Fulfillment

If you’re seeking the meaning of life, turn to violet for answers. This incredibly sage hue is experienced and enlightened, making it a great counselor. Above all else, violet believes in the power of spiritual fulfillment. The more we learn, the more we grow. With that said, violet promotes transformation.

Keeps Us Grounded

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When this inevitably happens, violet attempts to keep us even-keeled. Violet is a strong believer in the efficacy of meditation, and it urges us to practice this mindful technique. Philosophers and scientists are fond of violet for this very reason. It leads with logic, which makes it favorable.

Emotional and Physical Harmony

When our body and mind work in tandem, it bodes well for growth and healing. It’s for this reason why violet urges us to meld emotional clarity with mental stability. As a result, we’ll discover the true meaning of happiness. Most notably, violet asks us to look inward and make peace with our emotions. When we do so, it allows us to bid farewell to stress.

Inspires Selfless Love

Most notably, violet is a lover. It doesn’t condone hate. Violet maintains that the most effective way to spread this message is to lead by example. If you’re lucky enough to interact with violet, you’ll notice how inviting and warmhearted it is. We could all afford to live life more like violet.

Sparks Creativity

Entrepreneurs and pioneers often thrive in the presence of violet. This hue understands the importance of individuality and following creative pursuits. If you’ve recently embarked on a new career or path, keep violet by your side. You’ll find solace with this color nearby. As matters unfold, violet will support your novel ideas while inspiring you to keep pushing forward.


As a compassionate color, violet is easily offended. From rude remarks to devastating news, violet takes everything to heart. While empathy is a noble trait, it can also be debilitating. This is undoubtedly the case for violet. If something or someone triggers violet, crippling sadness will follow. If you consider yourself a sensitive person, don’t look for strength in the color violet.


Violet is modest, which is why many are surprised to learn that it’s linked to wealth. Royal figures and wealthy families would wear violet clothes and jewelry to demonstrate their opulence. In color psychology, this phenomenon is attributed to violet’s elegance and sophistication. To some, violet is synonymous with extravagance. Meanwhile, others believe that violet is as humble and balanced as they come.

Packs a Powerful Punch

With its confidence and prestigious reputation, violet is incredibly powerful. What’s more, it’s a natural-born leader. Violet has a way of influencing people without being overbearing. These attributes are why people respect and appreciate violet. In essence, violet is the role model of all role models.

Reaches for the Stars

If violet has a goal, it’ll go to great lengths to achieve it. In other words, this color is highly ambitious. No matter the stumbling block that stands in its way, violet will find a way to overcome any obstacle. It takes a lot to bring violet down, and if it does get defeated, it will always get back up and try again.

Summary: Violet Color Meaning

Boasting far more positive qualities than negative ones, violet is one of the most popular and well-liked hues. However, some of its flaws include hypersensitivity and narcissism. Fortunately, the good outweighs the bad. Wise, thoughtful, and empathetic are just some of violet’s more positive attributes.