Teal Color Meaning Infographic

Comprised of blue shades and green tones, teal is a combination of these two prominent hues. Though it’s more commonly associated with blue, you can’t deny the green elements within teal. Named after the Eurasian teal, a member of the duck family, this unique color has a fascinating background. The waterbird that teal is named after boasts a blue-green ring around its eyes. This pop of color is where teal gets its name.

Keeps to Itself

While many are intrigued by the color teal, this hue isn’t very interested in others. In fact, it prefers to be alone. This personality trait has made teal somewhat reserved. It keeps things close to the vest and seldom comes out of its shell. If you’re interacting with teal and can’t get much out of it, don’t take it personally. Teal has boundaries, and it doesn’t appreciate it when people overstep them.

Values Uniqueness

The world isn’t homogeneous, and teal admires that. This hue understands the importance of being yourself. According to teal, we aren’t meant to blend in. In essence, teal relishes individuality. If you’re someone who doesn’t conform to social norms, you and teal will have a lot in common.


Life is meant to be lived, but teal can sometimes lose sight of this. As an attentive color, teal is always on the lookout for danger. While there’s no reason to be unduly alarmed, teal has a difficult time finding peace of mind. It’s for this reason why this hue is generally on edge. You may notice that you feel more tense and uptight when surrounded by the color teal.


Teal doesn’t judge too quickly or too harshly. In other words, it’s an open-minded hue. No matter the person or situation it encounters, teal always takes the time to understand both sides of the story. This bodes well for mature and harmonious relationships. If you’re learning to be more accepting, use teal as a teacher.

Encourages Practical Thinking

Teal doesn’t tolerate irrational thoughts. It seeks to be logical in all that it does. With that said, those who spend time with teal are more likely to make informed and responsible decisions. Teal never throws caution to the wind, which makes it both predictable and reliable. If you’re looking to get back on the straight and narrow, teal will help get you there.

Promotes Relaxation

There’s no refuting that teal is wound tight. However, it still effortlessly fosters relaxation. With a little assistance from teal, you can decompress with ease. You’ll find this color in many homes for this very reason. The stress of life can make us anxious and angry, but teal reminds us that these feelings aren’t permanent. With a healthy dose of reality and understanding, teal stops negativity in its tracks.

Super Serious

With teal, excitement isn’t promised. If there are rules in place, you can bet that teal will abide by them. Failure to adhere to the rules will get teal in a tizzy. Those who don’t take themselves too seriously should limit their time with teal. After all, teal subscribes to the notion that goofing off breeds bad habits.

Prim and Proper

Teal presents itself in a very dignified manner. To some, this can be bothersome. Meanwhile, others cherish how noble teal comes across. If teal isn’t upholding this image, it regards itself as a failure. Teal’s inability to loosen up has earned it many enemies. Fortunately, teal doesn’t mind keeping a tight circle.


With its wisdom and vitality, teal breathes new life into those who desire rejuvenation. If you’d like a new lease on life, turn to teal. This color will arm you with the fresh perspective you’re looking for. Teal aims to uplift others, which it does by offering helpful insight and direction. When at a crossroads, allow teal to nudge you in the right direction.

Provides Clarity

It’s not uncommon for life’s unknowns to spark confusion. If you’re no stranger to this feeling, teal will ease your doubts. By ridding individuals of worry, teal offers emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment. These positive influences make way for optimal growth.

Summary: Teal Color Meaning

Shy, objective, earnest, and controlling, teal possesses many attributes. Some of its more unfavorable traits include being standoffish and vigilant. On a more positive note, teal is also accepting, supportive, and rational. As a whole, teal is a well-intentioned yet reserved color.