Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Royal Blue Color Meaning Infographic

The Story of Royal Blue

Royal blue has struggled to solidify its identity. Many people see no difference between navy blue, imperial blue, and royal blue, but they’re all so wonderfully unique. The latter is considered a lighter shade of navy blue and has red and purple elements to it. Royal blue has been around for two centuries and continues to impress audiences with its striking essence and rich undertones. We can thank the United Kingdom for popularizing this hue.

England’s Influence

If not for England, royal blue wouldn’t be the beloved color that it is today. Queen Charlotte, in particular, is credited with giving this hue the recognition it deserved. She was so fond of royal blue that she had this color heavily incorporated into her wardrobe. It’s for this reason why royal blue has regal associations. Many took note of Queen Charlotte’s enthusiasm, which led to royal blue’s widespread appeal. The color is even featured on the United Kingdom’s flag.

Underwent Many Transformations

Royal blue is no stranger to change. It’s undergone many alterations over the centuries. From darker shades to lighter renditions, royal blue has had somewhat of an identity crisis. Fortunately, royal blue has remained the same for decades. The final version of royal blue has been the most popular by far.

Incredibly Formal

Given its ties to prestigious figures, it’s no wonder royal blue is so formal. It has excellent etiquette and follows every rule to a T. You won’t ever catch royal blue acting uncouth. In fact, it has little tolerance for childish behaviors. If you’re acting uncivilized in the presence of royal blue, prepare to be judged. To some, royal blue may come across as uptight and overbearing. However, this color merely has a reputation to uphold.


You can confide in the color blue. It’ll never break your trust. This is royal blue’s way of building strong connections. People tend to feel safe when surrounded by royal blue. There’s no secret that royal blue won’t keep. If you need to get something off your chest, turn to royal blue.

A Color You Can Count On

For those who need a shoulder to lean on, look no further than royal blue. This uplifting hue will always make time for you. Royal blue seeks to treat others the way it would like to be treated, which is why it showers everyone with kind and encouraging words. You can depend on royal blue through thick and thin. No matter the hardship that you’re going through, royal blue will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.


When stress arises, royal blue serves as a positive presence. It adds an air of tranquility anywhere it goes. To liven up an environment, add royal blue to the color scheme. There’s something exceptionally tranquil about this strong shade. Color psychology maintains that royal blue is so calming because it reminds people of the ocean. Surround yourself with royal blue if you’re looking for peace and rest.

Linked to Depression

Though people don’t say that they have the royal blues, any shade of blue is associated with sadness. With that said, people who are prone to anxiety and depression should be careful around this color. Royal blue hates that it has this impact on people, but it can’t help it. To combat this horrible quality, royal blue tries its best to furnish people with positivity and peace of mind.


Being around royal blue can sometimes feel like you’re receiving a warm hug. This empathetic hue goes to great lengths to understand people and their struggles. It’s far from selfish and never has an ulterior motive. This makes it simple for people to be vulnerable in front of royal blue. Whether you’re looking for a safe space or some validation, royal blue will never disappoint.


Royal blue subscribes to the notion that there’s a time and a place to express your feelings. When in professional settings, royal blue urges individuals to remain focused. In some cases, royal blue may turn off its emotions for the sake of leading by example. This isn’t always the healthiest approach to life, but royal blue is a strong proponent of this belief.

Summary: Royal Blue Color Meaning

Best known for its dignified status, royal blue is inherently superb. It’s also reassuring, accepting, and kindhearted. These attributes make royal blue a fan favorite. In the same breath, royal blue can be domineering and edgy. With royal blue, you get the good with the bad.