Taupe Color Meaning Infographic

Best known as a color between brown and gray, taupe is a subtle hue of striking appeal. Derived from the French word for mole, taupe is often associated with rodents. Moles even have taupe-colored fur, so it made sense to use this word to describe a grayish-brown shade. It wasn’t until the 19th century when the word earned a different reputation. These days, taupe is generally only used to represent color.


Since taupe is so neutral, it effortlessly relaxes the mind and body. It’s not a loud color, so it doesn’t come on strong. Instead, it quietly lets itself be known. If you appreciate colors that aren’t aggressive or flashy, taupe is for you. Many people incorporate this hue into their home decor because it creates a soothing atmosphere. What’s more, it makes for a perfect base color.

Warms the Heart

Lighter shades of taupe are especially comforting. When surrounded by taupe, you might feel safe and secure. The brown undertones are responsible for producing this effect. If you’re someone who yearns for protection, become acquainted with taupe. The warmth and comfort it provides will prove beneficial.


Though there’s nothing inherently modern about taupe, it’s regarded as a contemporary hue. The color has been around for centuries, but its popularity has spiked within the last few decades. Interior designers have become particularly fond of this hue. However, it’s important to note that taupe isn’t reserved solely for the younger generation. Individuals of all ages will find something delightful about this shade.

Thinks Inside the Box

Taupe has a traditional way of thinking. It sticks to what it knows and seldom makes room for new understandings. Taupe’s inability to diversify has led many to believe that it’s a stubborn color. New ideas and possibilities don’t go over well with taupe. In fact, taupe will usually write these off as outlandish beliefs.


As a neutral color, taupe often plays the role of Switzerland. If it can’t decide, it remains on the fence. This indecisiveness can drive people crazy. However, taupe would rather make no decision than a poor one. If inaction is something that grinds your gears, don’t take taupe too seriously. Otherwise, you’ll rile yourself up.


It takes a lot to get taupe in a foul mood. It’s usually happy right where it’s at. No matter the obstacle that comes its way, taupe handles things with great poise and understanding. In other words, this hue is cool, calm, and collected. Those who are quick to anger can learn a lot from taupe.


Taupe regards logic with paramount importance. It’s for this reason why this hue puts a premium on rationality. Taupe doesn’t tolerate immaturity, so if you tend to make impulsive decisions, you won’t connect with taupe as deeply. This color thinks of every possible outcome, subsequently making the most logical choice after considerable planning. If you approach a crossroads, allow taupe to get you over the hump.

Lives in the Moment

While taupe doesn’t throw caution to the wind, it does practice mindfulness. By remaining in the here and now, taupe lets go of unnecessary stress. According to taupe, we experience enough worry and anxiety as is. We don’t need to compound our distress by worrying about senseless scenarios. In essence, taupe believes that everything happens for a reason.


From its intelligence to its life experience, taupe is sought-after for numerous reasons. More specifically, many confide in taupe. With that said, taupe is highly influential. Fortunately, this hasn’t led to undeserved confidence. Taupe knows that it holds a reputable image, but it doesn’t let this go to its head.

Dark and Dreary

Unfortunately, taupe isn’t interesting to everyone. Taupe rarely turns heads, which is why it lacks a wow factor. If you prefer for your colors to pack a big punch, taupe will inevitably disappoint. What’s more, if making a statement is important to you, steer clear of the color taupe when designing or decorating.

Summary: Taupe Color Meaning

There’s much to like and dislike about taupe. When in the presence of taupe, you’ll likely feel calmer. Warmth and contentment are also bound to arise. On the negative end of taupe’s personality spectrum lies stubbornness and drabness. As a whole, taupe is delicate yet headstrong.